Jim Piccolo;The Bizzibiz – Empowering Entrepreneurship

January 1, 2011 was the inception day for Bizzibiz and since then it never stopped making its mark around the globe and has evolved as the strongest franchise in Digital Marketing.

I am sure it won’t amaze you to know about a franchise that sell Digital Marketing but in 2011, it did. Many were unable to understand the combination and couldn’t accept it.

The company went through many ups and downs and finally everyone started following the trend which it created in a very short period.

The credit goes to the visionary who saw the dream of empowering America and rest of the world towards entrepreneurship and never left hope until it rocked. It is non other than Jim Piccolo, the serial entrepreneur who owns more than 40 companies and his thirst for making a difference never stops.

Selling Digital Marketing

Jim Piccolo has always thought of the future and the way market will change. Every time, he comes up with a surprise which becomes little bit difficult for people to affirm but soon captures the market share.

This attitude towards a new nation has made him popular among youths.

Jim was questioned, “why franchise and not a company with sales team at different branches”, Jim quoted:

“We come from small business and our mission has always been to empower people and put America back to work. There is nothing best in this country than franchise and statistics say that franchise is far more successful than a normal business, as a matter of fact twice as successful.”

He also talked about the fascination behind his inclination towards Digital Marketing.

He indicated about the boom in the digital marketing field that is growing at the fastest pace which motivated him to present it as a different package wrapped as franchise.

The target clients

Jim Piccolo always has the blueprint of what he wants and what are his plans or the next move. How could he have failed to look at the prospects that he was going to target.

Bizzibiz’s business plan is prepared taking care of its goal to empower youths and small businesses and hence the franchise cost is very low as compared to other firms and the cost doesn’t include royalty amount.

Isn’t that astonishing but it’s true. Unlike other franchises, there are no advertising fees as well as no exclusive territories.

Jim Piccolo has always mentioned that he not only works to satisfy his bank balance but likes to be a part of country’s economic development.

His plans are always dedicated towards growing simultaneously with other small businesses and with individuals who want to work as entrepreneurs.

Through BizziBiz Franchise, Jim Piccolo wants to offer a full digital marketing solution which can be customized as per every business requirement.

He attracted the attention of small companies by focusing on the unique needs of the small business owner instead of focusing on selling “features,”.

Bizzibiz acts as a catalyst for small businesses to empower their digital marketing solution. This is what a superhero does. Isn’t it? With this aim, Jim Piccolo has come up with the company’s tagline as “Because Every Business Needs a Superhero”.

He was so convinced with the success of Bizzibiz that he announced to be focusing solely on Bizzibiz for some time and keeping aside other ventures on the responsibility of his partners which really shows the kind of vision he has.

Jim Piccolo is an opportunist and his endeavors are remark of his ability of finding prospects that not only create income for him but opportunities for many others as well.

His consistent successes make it even more apparent that he will be thriving through his uncanny abilities in coming future.